Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Don't Use a Scalpel when you need an Ax

McCain has been tiptoeing through the tulips when he should be driving a tank. I have no idea why politicians put up with the crap they do during campaigns. I would be the loudest sumbitch on the campaign trail. My beliefs wouldn't change. I'd be painfully honest with people. If someone asked me a question, I wouldn't bother trying to find out what demographic that person belongs to. It wouldn't matter, and wouldn't change my answer.

If a very nice family of illegal immigrants asked my opinion on immigration, I'd tell them that they are criminals, because they violated one law of this country, and that's all it takes to be a criminal in this country; the cops are on their way to take them back to Mexico.

If a family on welfare asked me what I plan to do for them, I'd tell them in one word: NOTHING. I worked hard to get to where I am, and to achieve what I have, and, as a politician and a leader, I'm not giving a dime to someone who isn't willing to work to support themselves. No more handouts from Uncle Sam, you lazy freeloader.

A victim of gun violence asks what I'm gonna do to protect him? I'm going to make guns easier to get for law abiding citizens, cut the "reasonable restrictions" down to the bare bones Second Ammendment, and maybe a restriction on violent felons; they'll have to wait till their parole is up (sentence plus, say, ten years with nothing any more severe than a parking ticket). After that, I think they've served their debt to society and proven they're no longer violent. They get their rights back as humans and Americans. Every law abiding adult in this country has a right to defend their own lives, granted by God, not the Government. The Second Amendment merely reminds power hungry politicians not to mess with it. The gun control thing could go all day with me, so I'll keep moving.

When an elderly couple asks how much I'll pay for their prescriptions, health care, Hoveround scooters, etc, I'll tell them the same thing I told the welfare people. I'm not paying. People have been living without scooters and hearing aids for as long as they've been dying. Sorry, but you'll have to push your wheelchair around.

I abhor socialism, fascism, communism, etc. I'm a Libertarian Capitalist who believes that my money is best handled when I have it. I know how to manage my money far better than the federal government. Its easy to see that, since I have a few thousand dollars in debt(which is steadily shrinking), because I own a motor vehicle and a college diploma, and the government has TRILLIONS in debt that keeps growing. Who the hell trusts the gubment with their hard earned cash?

I got fired up today and I've been watching the news, which isn't helping. I'm gonna try to study and get some dinner in me, and not watch the news anymore.

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Abby said...

just cause a family is on welfare doesnt mean they are lazy freeloaders