Friday, March 6, 2009

Almost broke my coffee table

I had the morning off today, so I slept in. I get out of bed, start a pot of coffee brewing, turn on Fox News, and am greeted by Obama, telling me how good the spendulus package is. [sigh] This day isn't starting well.

He was speaking at a police academy graduation in Columbus, OH. [cue Outbreak's awesome Obama voice]"For those who still doubt the wisdom of this bill we just passed, I want you to talk to these men and women who are about to be protecting the people of Columbus"

NO! [this is where I almost broke the coffee table, because I hit it so hard.]

I'm tired of being told to talk to people who are benefiting from these silly packages, and that that will change my mind. It won't. The packages don't work, haven't worked and won't work.

Tell ya what, Mr. President. I have some people I want YOU to go talk to. How bout you come talk to me. I worked hard in school, got scholarships to go to a college my parents couldn't afford to send me to, and got a job that pays me a comfortable living salary, and gives me health care. I save some money each month, instead of spending it all.

Or a couple friends back home, who are married, both are paramedics, and hardly see each other because they work opposite shifts so someone can be home with their baby. They don't need government aid. Hell, they just bought a house! They chose a small townhouse that they can afford. Not flashy, but its adequate.

Why aren't you talking to those people, Mr. President? [rhetorical question, folks]