Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Collecting Intel

Talked to Dad today about the Bailout plan, the current state of the economy, stock market, etc. I got some good information about the real causes of this current load of Marxist bullshit, since I was too young to care about it when it all went down.
Turns out that back in the Clinton years, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and other lenders, were compelled by threats of equal opportunity charges, and then Federal Law, to grant mortgages and other loans to minorities who couldn't afford those loans, and who's credit report consisted of a race card. When Republicans opposed the bill on the basis of common sense and the FACT that the bill would guarantee loans to those who couldn't afford it, and thus screw the economy, they were labeled racists who wanted to keep nice deserving people with colored skin from owning homes.
Now, we're seeing the consequences of those practices. Millions of poor people can't afford to pay their mortgage, which is their fault for taking on excessive debt, and the lenders' faults for approving the loan. But more so than the lenders, it's congress's fault for forcing the big lending companies to give loans based on the color of the borrowers' skin rather than their credit score. But when the issue was brought up again a few years ago, in 2004, the problems were already brewing. The Republicans warned of dark times to come, that irresponsible lending would lead to a big issue down the road, they were again laughed away by the Dems, accused of racism, and reassured that everything was fine, and there was no man behind the curtain, and we shouldn't go poking around back there anyway.
Another four years has passed and the Marxist Party...oops. I meant Democrat Party, is trying to put their shit sandwich in the Republicans' lunchbox. They're blaming this whole fiasco on the Right and telling Americans, with a combination of innocent little puppy eyes and fearmongering ferocity, that they had nothing to do with this, its all George Bush's fault, and John McCain's fault, and the Republicans' fault. Certainly they could have nothing to do with this. Apparently this is what we get for letting Marxists run our country. Yes I do mean Marxists. Look it up. They started out with some mild, but still textbook socialist policies, but the Federal Government buying up entire companies (which they won't want to relinquish control of when those companies get back in the black) comes straight out of Komrade Karl's famous Manifesto.
The next step in the Marxist plan, assuming we've hit the socialist level (or blown right past it, giving it the finger), is full blown Communism, where the Government owns everything, including its subjects, the peasants own nothing, and we become the Soviet United States.
I don't want that, but I see it coming.

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