Monday, October 6, 2008

Guilt by Association

After Sarah Palin went on a slam spree about Barack Obama's associations with the likes of known terrorist Bill Ayers, the Obama camp is coming back with allegations of desperate mudslinging and claims of guilt by association.
Too bad, Barack. Guilt by association is a valid reason to sling mud. The fact is that if it was just Bill Ayers, then maybe we could let it slide. But its not just Bill Ayers. Its everyone you've associated with. Three Obama campaign advisers are corrupt former executives of Fannie Mae, all convicted of cooking books. His longtime mentor, the infamous Reverend Wright, is a known racist and radical preacher who uses the pulpit to spread his message of black supremacy.
Senator Obama, if you knew and associated with just one racist, or one communist, or one crooked CEO, or one terrorist, then it might be a false accusation of guilt by association. The problem is, you have at least one checkmark in each of those columns, and I'd bet money we could find more if we dug deeper into your checkered past. I don't vote for people who have friends like yours.

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