Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Things that make you go "huh?"

So this just occurred to me. While I had taken note of the fact that in the first two trading days after the Marxist Progression Bill passed the market fell over 800pts total, I hadn't connected that drop with the slight rise we saw last Wednesday, before Komrade Karl's bill was signed into law. What I see now, is that the market was going down last week, the first iteration of the Bailout was shot down by congress on Tuesday night, and the market rose a little on Wednesday. The Senate promised to push the legislation through, because if it wasn't passed in the next 15 minutes, the world was going to explode, and the market began sinking again on Thursday. The bill was passed over the weekend and on Monday, guess what. The market TANKED. Soon after, all the pinko commie legislators began reassuring us that this plan, which they had been telling us was an "exploding bill" with a short fuse, obviously wouldn't begin to affect the economy within one or two days. I know shouldn't expect anything more from the Dumbocrats. At this point, to quote one of my favorite bloggers, the whole of the congress, or at least those who voted with the Marxist Party, needs to be lynched.

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