Monday, September 1, 2008

Finally, A Candidate I Can Vote For

At long last, John McCain chose a running mate in Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin. After months of going with the slogan "I love my country more than I hate John McCain," (a bit more extreme than my actual beliefs, but it has a nice ring to it) There's finally a Republican on a presidential ticket.
I don't like Hussein Obama for the obvious and well known reasons. But my biggest issue with Obama is one he shares with McCain; they're Flip-Floppers. McCain has gone from Democrat to Independent to Republican, but mostly in name, and not always in practice. I've been unhappy with two democrats running for office, but now there's a light at the end of the tunnel- Sarah Palin.
I, like most Americans, had never heard of her. The details came pretty quickly, both good and bad. Fortunately, the bad details have been taken off the table by none other than Obama himself, stating that family issues, namely her baby son who has Down Syndrome, and her pregnant teenage daughter, are off limits.
Now for the good.
I read Palin's bio on both the Alaska State web-page and on Wikipedia. Both show her as a tough leader who sticks to her beliefs and analyzes her position constantly. There have been issues where she has changed positions, such as the "Bridge to Nowhere," but from what I've read, the changes were always based on changing circumstances and logic. Thats what we need. We don't need leaders who stand by bad decisions, even shown later evidence that those decisions were bad. We also don't need leaders who change their opinions based on what will bring more votes.
She is also noted to have strong conservative beliefs. She is a lifelong hunter and Lifetime Member of the NRA, strongly pro-life, and has strong family values.
She also has a more impressive resume in politics than Obama. She served a full two terms as a city Mayor, and was Oil and Gas Conservation Commissioner until being voted governor of Alaska in 2006. She visited troops in Iraq and wounded soldiers in Germany over a year before Obama needed...I mean decided to go see the troops(he didn't really visit) and campaign in Germany. Compare that to his two years as a Senator; the other two years since he was elected have been spent on the campaign trail.
I don't need to paraphrase all the good stuff I've read about Sarah Palin when you can go read it all on Alaska's website and Wiki. All I know is I can vote for McCain this November with a clear conscience.

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Tony B. said...

Go Palin! My wife can't stand John McCain but told me to send some money to his campaign after she saw Palin's speach.