Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gone to the dogs

In most places, dog owners are required by law to pick up after their pets. North Little Rock is no different. In fact, they provide baggies in popular dog-walking areas. So why is it that for the third time in my month living here, do I find a trail of presents in the stairwell?
My apartment building markets itself as high class "Luxury Apartment Homes." There are expensive cars in the gated parking garage, a Wine Room where people can store their vino in a nice wood cabinet under ideal conditions, beautiful people sunning themselves at two pools, etc. But there are also designer toy dogs who apparently can't hold it till they get outside, and owners who are either too good to pick up their poo, or think their crap doesn't stink and neither does their dogs'. They leave the designer turds right in the middle of the stairwell, to be warmed throughout the day so its aroma may spread up all five floors, so everyone can enjoy it.
Is it so hard to pick up your dog crap? Its not my responsibility; I don't have a dog. Its not the maintenance guys' job to clean up after your dog either. Its the owners' jobs.
So, go grab a free baggie, and pick up your crap. Better yet, take the damn animal OUTSIDE to do his business.

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