Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why Waste Money On Education

This is an older rant, transferred from facebook.

I'm not talking about paying for college or even to go to a good private high school or grade school. I went to private school from K-12 and college, as did many of my friends.
My question is, why does the government even bother pissing away money on public education. I've discovered it doesn't work. I just read a run-on sentence on a forum that was only rivaled by the next poster and his marathon of a speech. Both lacked any sort of punctuation except ellipses, which were found in abundance. Do they replace a period? I was never taught that technique to end a sentence...
I'm glad some of you caught that.

For those that didn't, you problaby wouldnt n otice the spelending errors in this sennance ithre. I had a hard time understanding what these idiots were writing because they've obviously never heard of a spell check. Right now, this post is bleeding red from the automatic spell checker in Firefox. It doesn't understand my sense of irony.

The posts that inspired this rant are not isolated incidents. I am a member of another forum that has rules about grammar and spelling, so readers don't start thinking that all pilots are deaf, dumb, and illiterate. I fully support that move. Take a minute to proofread what you publish. I do it for everything from 2-line emails to posts like this. It takes 5 minutes.

And before I get a flood of emails about being some elitist, spoiled, rich private school kid (because I doubt anyone would catch the fact that I began this sentence with a conjunction) I do know plenty of publicly educated people who do not read, write, and spell like they are natives of Greenbow Alabama or Lead medal winners in the West Virginia Special Olympics. I also know that these flaming piles of stupid that are causing Nuns the world over to roll in their graves did not have the benefit of private schooling, where we have F's that mean FAIL. The verbal performances I have been privy to would have been met with poor grades, then extra help or tutoring to bring the little dolt up to speed. Obviously, these dunces were wards of the state somewhere where the only thing they were taught was that failure is still rewarded with a Good Enough Diploma. Education is not something to be recited from a lesson plan regardless of individual needs. It is obvious that no child is left behind; the trip never started.

If you disagree, feel free to reply. I will proofread every comment before I reply. Any post that would be rewarded with a ruler across the knuckles will be deleted promptly, unless it's funny.

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