Sunday, March 28, 2010

Walther P-22

I almost made this specifically about a couple of different things. Then I realized I have plenty to say about my P-22.

In general, I like it. First reason is, it's a .22. Second is that it looks like a gun, not a laser blaster or a toy like so many other .22LR Pistols.

When I first got it, it would not feed cheap bulk ammo. I was feeding it only CCI Green Label for a long time. Recently, I just forgot about it's ammo sensitivity and loaded it up with Winchester 333rd bulk pack ammo. No problems at all. I guess it was just a break-in period.

When I got my first Slipstream kit, the P-22 was one of the first guns I treated, and it definitely smoothed out the slide. This could also be why it's cycling cheap ammo now.

Today, I decided I would not be dealing with the magazine safety anymore. I didn't like it to begin with, but it seemed like too technical a job for me to remove until today. I stripped it down using some detailed instructions I found online, and removing the little spring on the magazine safety was very easy. While I had the whole action opened up, I soaked it in Slipstream. I put it back together, lathered up the friction surfaces with more Slipstream, put the slide back on and function tested it. Magazine safety doesn't work anymore (SUCCESS!) and all the gravelly feel in that trigger is gone. It's still heavy but it is smoooooth.

Now I just gotta wait for the can!

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