Monday, November 3, 2008

Where's the Dirt?

When a campaign gets as cutthroat as this one, I gotta ask, where's the dirt on John McCain? His campaign, the press, and other have dug up (and in some cases immediately reburied) a ton of dirt on Barack Obama, while B.O. can't seem to come up with anything bad to say about John McCain other than not wanting to share his toys.
I have a theory on this. Perhaps, there's no dirt on McCain. [gasp] In a world where our lives are all on Google, the media respects no ethical boundaries, and politicians' lives are a matter of public record, the only thing they have on McCain is that he's been divorced and remarried a rich woman. Thats a pretty clean life for a politician. We may actually have an honest politician. I really like that [naive] concept with regards to McCain because he's a military man. I really like to think he has some integrity.
Thats not much compared to the laundry list of unsavory things we know about B.O., many of which he refuses to clarify or disprove. We know where John McCain was born, how much he paid in taxes, his military record, his family's history, and how many houses he owns. Obama refuses to turn over a birth certificate to prove which country he was born in (my pick goes to Kenya). Same with proof that he his still a citizen of the US, not Indonesia, and there's a video out there of him hanging out with a known terrorist leader (not even Ayers this time; yeah, there's another one) which no one will cough up.
I have to wonder just why the American people aren't demanding clarification, and documentation, from B.O. I think he's got some 'splainin to do.

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