Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Well, We're Screwed.

I watched the election results with disgust. I really had more faith in the American people. I thought the polls were full of it. I thought McCain would win out with reasonable people. I was wrong.

Now we're screwed. I was out tonight, expecting riots when McCain won. I was met with an Obama win, and car horns in the streets. Every car horn and Obama sticker was met with a disgusted face. I'm a sore loser in this campaign.

My response? I came home and bought my AR-15 Upper Receiver. It cost me quite a bit (I make way less than Obama's $250,000, or is it $200,000, or $150,ooo, or $120,000...I dunno). I still believe that Obama will rape our 2nd Amendment Rights(among many others), so I decided it was time to bite the bullet (so to speak) and blow some money on an "Evil Black Rifle" which he will likely ban. I bought it before a price increase due to the election can occur. Now I'm eagerly awaiting my personal rebellion against gun controllers. I'm going to call it Nancy, in honor of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. I would call it Barack, but I only name my Milsurp (military surplus) rifles, and only name them with female names, so President Select Obama is out, due to his gender. So far, I have named my battle veteran rifles ( I have four) with stereotypical names from their country of origin. M1 Garand is Annie; Yugo SKS is Milka(her stock was already engraved by her former owner, probably a Yugoslavian soldier); Mosin Nagant M38 is Natalya, a good, sexy Russian name; my Mosin Nagant 91/30 is Nadia. The AR-15 will be Nancy, as I've said. Its not a sexy name, but a rebellious name.

My political views from now on will be extremely critical of the Obama administration. We'll see.

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